We’re going to be vending at UK Ponycon 2023! :)

UK PonyCon logo

We’ve just been accepted as a vendor for UK PonyCon 2023 – running on September 30th + October 1st 2023 at the Nottingham Trent University convention centre!

We’ll be selling a variety of merchandise including stickers, prints, and more depending on what merch is ready by that time, as well as accepting donations. We will be accepting cash, card payments, PayPal, and UK Bank Transfer (note: bank transfer will only be accepted as payment for merch while Scrimmy is at the table to verify the transfer is received).

Additionally, thank you SO MUCH to UK PonyCon for deciding to give us a FREE vendor table, which saves us a lot of money and improves our chances of breaking even / making a profit from the event 🙂

We’ll be donating a portion of our sales (% TBD) at UKPC to their charity partner – the RDA (Riding for the Disabled Assocation), who do amazing work helping disabled children and adults through horse riding therapy.

If you haven’t yet registered for UKPC but plan on attending, please pre-register if you’re able to! It’s important to pre-register for conventions early, so that they have enough cashflow before the convention to actually pay for things in time.

Please also consider volunteering for UKPC if you’re able to do so, volunteers are essential for conventions to run smoothly and safely.

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