Brony Kindness Network

Scrimmy OC

We are the
Brony Kindness Network.

A non-profit organisation created to spread kindness through the Brony (and possibly Furry) fandom

At conventions

We work to help keep both attendees and staff happy, healthy, and safe while at conventionsDepending on the convention, some of our work includes food support for attendees/staff, safe ride/room sharing, or simply being friendly faces in your time of need when you've got nobody else to turn to.


Charity streams to raise money for both existing charities, and individuals in need.Support small artists through our projectsBringing attention to individuals in financial crisis such as emergency medical bills, to help them raise fundsHosting open events to help people make friends, such as games, movie nights, and drawing events

Meet our Team :)

Our staff and volunteers are what make BKN possible! This is not a complete list, but covers some of our biggest contributors to BKN's operations

Scrimmy OC

Scrimmy is the founder of BKN, and the head of our UK operationsHe's somewhat known for impulsive charitable actions, such as flying people to conventions on a whim, offering his hotel room to strangers at cons who don't have anywhere else to stay, large donations to fundraisers of people in the fandom, and giving away some of his charity auction purchases to persons who seemed to love the item more than he did.He's responsible for overall management and planning for the organisation, onboarding staff, finances, operating the UK company, as well as various technical positions such as managing/running this website.

InvisiBrony OC

InvisiBrony is the co-founder of BKNHe's a very friendly person, and frequently staffs conventions - he has been part of both BABSCon and Vanhoover Pony Expo staff for several years.He's responsible for managing some of our convention related projects, onboarding staff, and in-person work at North American conventions (US/CA), such as attendee/staff food support, bartending at BKN parties, and more!

KarikaPawi OC

KarikaPawi is the head of our USA operationsShe's a very kind person, and frequently offers a helping hoof to anyone who needs it - which is exactly how Scrimmy met her: at BABSCon - after his phone stopped working and had no friends/family at the convention to turn to. She stayed with him and did everything she could to get him back online with a new phone, and they quickly became close friends :)She's the head of our USA operations, and does a variety of work, from helping with our room parties, to printing advertising materials, and even creating 3D printed models.

Fefof OC

Fef (aka Flixanoa) is one of our core artistsHe's known for his adorable character designs and unique sketchy art styleHe's the creator and original designer of our mascot "Murphy" - the blue bat pony, and creates some of our wonderful artwork, including some of the background art of this site!

BajaGryphon OC

BajaGryphon is one of our core artists - the one and only Baja Blast Birb!They're a professional artist with many years of experience, who's known for creating the amazing official convention artwork for conventions such as BronyCon, TrotCon, and more!They are also known for being a VTuber on Twitch, and a regular guest on TrotCon's streams.Some of the things they've done for BKN include designing our beautiful business cards at conventions, and creating some of the highly detailed artwork of our mascot Murphy.

Meet our mascot: Murphy!

Murphy is a purplish/bluish/greenish bat pony, who was originally designed by Fef (Flixanoa)Their name is a reference to Murphy's Law (anything that can go wrong, will go wrong), as they're a rather clumsy horse, but that doesn't stop them from trying to help where-ever they can :)

Scrimmy OC

Art by Flixanoa/Fef

Scrimmy OC

Art by BajaGryphon

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