Murphy T. Mascot by: Flixanoa

Thank you to all who helped us make the FIRST BKN/PoniesOnline Charity auction a huge success!  We raised $1025.06 for St. Jude Children’s Hospital and we couldn’t have done it without you!

In fact we have some more items to auction off and we’re going to do near the end of an all day Sunday Funday event on the Ponies Online Server!

PoniesOnline Discord Server


Starting at 8:00am PST on Sunday, Sept. 24th we will begin our days events with some good old fashioned cartoon watching. Ponies? Owl house? We’ll see!

That will be followed at 10:00am by a panel on Magic The Gathering but not necessarily just the mechanics!  Take a deeper look into the colors of magic with ComboBreaker as they break it down for you.

At 11:00am it’s time to get up out of those chairs and get limber with SPC. Rye of Shadows from the Military Bronies who is going to lead us in some basic exercises – very important for an online convention!


Once we’re all warmed up it’ll be 11:45am and time for the Opening Ceremonies which may include a visit from the Ponies Online Mascots among other shenanigans so be sure to check that out!

From 12:30-1:00pm We’ll have a musical lunch break interlude with DrumStickPony so you can all hydrate and avoid starvation so there won’t be any lawsuits and you get to listen to some tunes while you do it!

1:00pm – 1:30pm Minty Root is stopping by to show of their amazing animations and suffer all of your questions! Be nice to them! 😉

From 1:30pm – 3:00pm – The Rift Cafe will be dropping in to amuse, entertain and astound us with their antics  –  keep your eyes peeled here for more info as it’s updated on their plans!

At 3:00pm TheQuinch will be showing off their dramatic reading skills because they have donated their services in our very next panel!

Then at 3:30pm we begin the SECOND St. Jude Charity auction with items from people such as The Quinch, My Little Ties, Gleamy Dreams, and more! (a more comprehensive list will be available closer to /on charity day) 

This is where it gets a bit more loosey goosey on the timing – because once that auction is finished (approximately 5:00pm PST) we will be having a Charity Poker game with a number of people from the days events and others like BoltTheSuperPony for a chance to help out their own charities!

When the game is finished and everything is said and done LooneyTurtle will be hosting a Movie Night (I won’t tell you it’s Nimona) oops! And that will round out the day!  Hope to see you there and if you have anything you would like to donate for this second round of auctions please keep reading down below on how to do so!



Before submitting any item please be sure to read all the following information as it will help us make sure things go smoothly during the online auction.

If you’d like to help out their selected charity (St. Judes) you can do so by showing up to the event or even donating items before hand!

There are some guidelines that need to be followed when donating so lets go over those now!

First off we will NOT be accepting digital pictures/adopts/oc’s.

To clarify we are referring to EXISTING DIGITAL IMAGES because it is too difficult/time consuming to verify if someone actually owns a digital image or if they just took it from someone else, etc etc.. so we are avoiding that particular landmine.

HOWEVER – auctioning off a COMMISSION SLOT is perfectly fine, if you want to do that as that is a custom piece for the bidder.

Secondly while we would love to accept any and all items submitted we may reject smaller things such as single blind bag ponies, mcdonalds toys, and so on unless they are perhaps a larger collection of smaller toys as shipping costs would make those items a net loss individually and not do anyone any good.

This is a family friendly auction and all submitted items should be in keeping with that.

If you have an item that you think would be good and doesn’t go against anything stated above but are unsure, please feel free to send it in, we can always let you know one way or another after we review the submission.

If your submission is declined please understand it is being done in the best interest of the charity we are trying to support whatever that reason may be.

For tax purposes please be as honest and accurate as you can regarding the estimated value of any item you intend on submitting as this will be recorded/reported to abide by any/all tax codes. If your donation value is $500.00 or more (in the U.S) you may be entitled to a write off however please check with whoever prepares your taxes for confirmation.

Receipts will be provided.

With regards to shipping – we will act as in intermediary to facilitate the process and shipping will be taken out of the total bid on the item – donators ARE expected to please ship the item then submit the receipt to us for reimbursement.

We are recommending tracked/insured shipping to avoid any problems with missing items.

Reimbursement should take between 24-48 hours after receiving proof of shipping. A scanned/photo of a receipt with the date and amount is required to receive recompense so please be sure not to lose it as we cannot dispense funds without that information.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this again, it’s tedious but important stuff, now lets get on to the fun bit! To submit your item – please click the link below and fill out the form on the other end.


Below are some of the talented people who help make all this happen including staff and artists from the C.A.R.E.S guide project.

Be sure to check them out too!