About Us

The Brony Kindness Network (or “Kindness Network” in the UK) is a private limited company (14089351). Currently we are only set up in the UK, but we are planning to also set up a company in the USA.

We are a non-profit organization set up to foster kindness in the fandom, as a way of giving back to the fandom for all it’s given us – new friends, confidence, and support.

Here are some examples of the things we’re doing:

  • Building a supportive community in our Discord server by providing a place to talk, share art, and setting up movie nights and community games (jackbox etc.)
  • helping people who are in need, by promoting their fundraisers and using our funds to donate to them
  • supporting artists by commissioning a range of art of our mascot Murphy
  • projects such as the C.A.R.E.S. guide; a booklet giving convention attendees tips on preventing and treating exhaustion and con-crud
  • raising money for established charities by providing items for convention charity auctions

Mission Statment

Spreading kindness through the fandom, because we can.

About Our Mascot

Murphy T. Mascot is the ponyfication of “Murphy’s Law” – ie. anything that can go wrong often will! They are a non-binary bat pony beloved by all, no matter what scrapes they get into.

Murphy is a purplish/bluish/greenish bat pony, who was originally designed by Fef (Flixanoa)

You can see more details about our mascot on our mascot’s page.