We raised $400 for TRANS LIFELINE at BABSCon 2023 Charity Auction!! 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈

Some of our staff were at BABSCon 2023 this year, where we were vending CARES Guide’s in partnership with Vanhoover Pony Expo. We donated 2 of our CARES Guide’s to the BABSCon Charity Auction, signed by all the VIPs, alongside a beautiful tiny gouache painting made by EtherealSaul

The CARES Guide’s sold for US$100 each, while the painting sold for $200, raising a grand total of $400 USD for Trans Lifeline! They’re a transgender support charity ran by trans people

This means we’ve beaten our record from last year at TrotCon, where we raised $320 for the charity KYC with an artwork made by Moonbeam 🙂

Thank you to all of our amazing artists who made the CARES Guide + painting, helping us raise a large chunk of money for a wonderful charity! Special thanks to YaruTheGreat who made the cover of the CARES Guide, and EtherealSaul who made the painting <3

Shout out also to Vanhoover Pony Expo for their donation of two BronyCAN Princess Poutine Shirts which brought in a total of $160 as well!

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